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The bond that unites S O F I A and the artisanal enterprise entrusted with production is a symphony of trust and respect: in this business relationship, every detail tells a story of passion for craftsmanship and an attachment to traditions that intertwine with modern innovation. 

Within the artisanal workshop, located between Padua and Venice, one is immediately immersed in a world where time flows at the pace of patient precision. Here, the master craftsman personally supervises every phase of the production process, from the purchase of raw materials to meticulous cutting and careful stitching, with expertise handed down from generation to generation.

Our concept of SLOW starts from here: craftsmanship does not allow for mass and rapid production, but it raises the value of work carried out with great attention to detail, care, and passion. Only by working in this way can we certify a bag made with respect for the environment and, above all, for the people, as they are the ones who make our project special. Without the artisanal wisdom, none of this would be possible. 

We know every single leather that enters the workshop, we engage with every single supplier - whom we know personally. Only in this way can we achieve the excellence we seek. 

The relationship between S O F I A and these realities is based on close collaboration, in which mutual respect for skills and dedication to excellence translates into a solid partnership. 

In S O F I A, the importance of preserving the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship is essential, and it is committed to supporting the continuity of the artisanal heritage.

 The trust between these two entities is strengthened every time a new collection comes to life. It is a relationship that goes beyond mere exchange of goods and services, as both parties share a common commitment to uncompromising quality and a shared love for timeless elegance. 

Together, they pay homage to the very essence of artisanal excellence, weaving a fabric of trust and respect that is reflected in the timeless beauty of each bag that leaves their skillful hands.