Nino is for Nino Rota, the director who made the film "La Dolce Vita" possible. 

The soundtrack is an intertwining of sounds that accelerate the beats, sometimes veiled with melancholy: listening to them seems to fall in love right under the sky of Rome. 

La Dolce vita has marked a cross-section, it is a photograph of a society deeply aware of a change that has brought so much good, but not without risks: La dolce Vita is a self-criticism, a self-analysis: where it will bring us all this abundance, this well-being and this carefree? 

Well, if we could just for a moment just focus on the beauty section, and believe that we can give it to you without risking becoming addicted to it, but just genuinely wanting to enjoy it - we wouldn’t be as fascinated by it as we are watching this movie. 

It’s the side of the coin that you don’t see that gives depth and leads to the unforgettable. Like any other beautiful thing, you need an obstacle, a risk, to limit it. 

I loved and love this film not so much for its political and inquisitorial side, but for its ability to describe the elegance and the bourgeoisie of a world that does not exist and will not come back. La Dolce Vita describes itself, outlines its perimeter without knowing exactly how far it reaches, precisely because in those years it was forming. Although nascent, it is firmly aware of its active and passive potential, infusing itself with the mystery necessary to become a legend.

Said and considered that every bag I design takes up a theme that I feel has worked inside me, sculpting my personality, here we are: Nino is the handbag for beauty, beauty and that’s it. To sink and bask in delight without having to worry about duty. She is the purse to do what we want - when we are free from work and commitments - and we put ourselves first. 

Nino is the perfect handbag for an occasion like this: whether it is a wandering afternoon to fall in love with yourself or an exclusive date to fall in love with someone else. No destination or precise destination. Only pleasure and enjoyment.

Wallet, phone, keys and camera is all you need. Obviously with the short handle is my favorite, but if you need the free hand, it is also available over the shoulder.

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