S O F I A is a journey of self-discovery, exploring who we are when we are alone, when we shed our "titles," when we separate ourselves from "what we have to do" and focus on "what we want to be." 

S O F I A represents who I am when I am alone. It's just me, Sofia. 

How does the person I am manifest, what does she like, what does she choose?



S O F I A is an invitation to consider the act of dressing as a therapeutic care for oneself. It encourages us to try to be truly who we are, to satisfy the true person living within us, who is not bound by society and limitations and happily lives in their own world without fear of conveying it. 

A bag is no longer simply seen as a practical item, but as an accessory that speaks about us, for us.

Choosing carefully is an exercise in self-assertion, as that choice stays with us and manifests itself through what we wear. If our choice is consistent with who we really are, it represents a step towards self-realization. 

Taking the time to choose carefully what excites us and being consistent with what we have within, because what we choose is a manifestation of who we are.





SOFIA is thus an invitation to wear oneself with ease. It encourages having the courage to dress one's alter egos.



Be daring, be different,

be impractical, be anything that will assert

integrity of purpose

and imaginative vision

against the play-it-safers,

the creatures

of the commonplace,

the slaves of the ordinary.

Cecil Beaton



SOFIA is meant to encompass the "pieces" that make me up: self-awareness is an ongoing search for who we are, what we like, and what represents us. 


SOFIA is about sharing: if this project resonates with your taste, it means we share something very deeply. It means that something that is a part of you is also a part of me.




The TINGLE is the "tingling" of satisfaction when you look in the mirror and like what you see because you have actually managed to meet your expectations. 


What you want is nothing but the translation of who you really are. 


The tingle is the confirmation of knowing who you are; it is a step to grasp yourself. SOFIA is a means and a path to achieve this goal.





The know-how, tradition, class, and elegance typically Italian:

The imagery develops starting from Italy in the 1960s: the economic boom, the revolution of cinema, and the music scene. S O F I A is an enchanted and vaguely melancholic look at the consumption habits of rural society, well-being, and the authenticity of tradition.


Once upon a time, people dressed from boutiques and shops with precise identities, and for specific occasions. 


SOFIA is about recovering the concept of dressing for the occasion – where all of life is an occasion.




CONCEPT OF NOSTALGIA: After a moment has passed and there has been time to process it, one can grasp its various facets. That's why we look affectionately at the past, because we understand everything, we elaborate on the subtle details that we cannot read immediately.


If we could see "from the outside" what we are, what we see, what we think, and what we say, we would realize much more easily the value and fortune we have. - Slowing down to realize how much beauty we have around us and can build.



Born in Veneto, Sofia Nardi attended the Fashion Design University IUAV in Venice, graduating in 2016. During and after her studies, she completed various internships in London, both as a designer at OSMAN STUDIO and as a stylist at HEARST MAGAZINES. In 2020, she collaborated on the foundation and directed all creative aspects of EUTERPE.

Sofia launched her eponymous label in 2023.