Edda is a soundtrack. Named after Edda Dell'Orso, soprano voice of the piece Una voce allo specchio by Ennio Morricone, one of the soundtracks of the film La stagione dei sensi.

I heard for the first time Ennio Morricone as a child, watching with my father all the movies with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, whose soundtracks are all written by him. My love was then confirmed years later, thanks to the pieces written for The Mission, Once upon a time in America and Titoli

For me these songs are really those choruses that you sing and rewind in your brain, as I grew up hearing my father whistling constantly - so much so that they become the tunes that I sing myself when I’m carefree (or when I want to relax). It’s to be considered that my father whistles really a lot - which I love about him - so my ears have grown (in the true sense of the word) listening to Ennio Morricone in all the ways possible. And I never felt sorry for it, not for a second.

I wanted this small yet important part of my memory to be combined with one of the creations of the S O F I A family, that’s why I chose the name Edda.

Una voce allo specchio is a particularly cheerful motif, and Edda’s voice is of a truly incomparable elegance and sensuality. It reminds me of just the kind of song I would like to listen to while driving to the sea, or sitting in a wicker chair in some unknown square, enjoying the sun and summer.

Edda is the verse that you sing and you go back in your mind when you are in a good mood, that reminds you of something beautiful that you did or that you can’t wait to do.

Here, I wanted my Edda to be like that happy hum: a beautiful thing that you bring with you - wherever you go - and that makes you feel good. You’re going to the office, you’re going on dates, you’re shopping: you have Edda on your arm or shoulder, and your thoughts run lighthearted like the notes of your favorite music.

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