REAL SCIURAS PLAY BURRACO. The more you do it the better it is.

In a world where speed seems to be the norm, embracing la vita lenta becomes a revolutionary act to preserve our well-being and continue focusing on what is beautiful (and important) in life

Ladies (and gentlemen) know it well: life is fast, and it's crucial to pause and enjoy it before it slips away unnoticed. The wonderful thing is being able to afford - from time to time - to stop, sit with loved ones, and do nothing. Appreciating what and who we have around us, chatting, laughing, and doing those things that slow down time a bit, like playing cards.

For me, card games symbolize the slow life. We are together, living in the moment, and we are happy without realizing it (but the true winner is the one who notices it first).

In my memories, my family plays cards on holidays and during vacations. Therefore, through this concurrence of events, I grew up believing that playing cards brings happiness and relaxation. I still think so and am convinced of it. I find that sitting around a table, in total tranquility with friends, without the slightest concern about the passing time, is a beautiful and clear example of happiness. An example of how little is needed to achieve it, by the way. So, why not do it more often?

Playing cards means putting a pause on the flow of time and capturing the calm, reminding ourselves that without it, the frenetic pace that drives us every day to do everything we do wouldn't exist. 

In this sense, I would like to be the kind of signora who invites her friends into her patio just to play Burraco. Just like those ladies you see in bars or on hotel terraces by the sea, sitting on wide plastic chairs with a straw hat and a pareo around their waist: carefree.

I realize that living solely like that is highly improbable, but I wish we would remember to do it more often. So, let's play Burraco more often!